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Triangular Powder Puffs with case


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Made using soft materials and small enough to take everywhere with you, the Powder Puff is perfect for quick touch-ups, wherever you are. This velvet powder puff mattifies your complexion, blurs imperfections and sets your makeup. 

Its triangular shape also means that it is suitable for all areas of the face, even those that are hard to reach. Simply tap the powder puff over shiny areas to reduce the appearance of pores, for a radiant, smooth finish. 

Not only that, but this powder puff is also reusable and can be washed with soap and water after each use. 

How to use

1) Slip your finger into the loop.  2) Take as much powder as you want using the powder puff and gently apply it to skin.  3) Use the rounded part for larger areas of the face, and the pointed side for harder to reach areas (side of the nose, lip contour, inner corner and below the eyes).  4) Wash with soap and water after use. 


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